Secret Mutant Letter #2: Charles discovers that Kurt is his nephew.
Batman: tight pants!
The following is a longer explanation of a prompt posted to the Secret Mutant Exchange on A03:

Sooo... I've been wondering what would happen if/when Charles discovers that Kurt is his nephew. He doesn't have any kids (that he knows of) and he isn't exactly getting any younger. Furthermore, he's almost died multiple times and let's face it -- his chances of having a child now in his current condition are slim to none. So when Charles discovers that his sister's child has joined his school and wishes to be part of the X-Men, does he legally recognize Kurt as family? Offer to place him in the will? (And if so, does he get Hank do a DNA test on the down-low at first just to be sure?)

Or does Charles keep his knowledge a secret and make an effort to treat Kurt no differently than anyone else, since Mystique seems unwilling to recognize the child herself? And does this eat him up inside, or is he secretly relieved because of the way that Kurt looks and how society would react to that being the next Xavier heir?

I'm happy with whatever way you choose to go with this, dark!Charles or heartwarming!Charles.

I definitely think Mystique has major issues, the only question is whether Charles would encourage her to stay distant and detached or encourage her to forge a connection with the boy. And that depends entirely on how jaded you feel about Charles, honestly. I want to think that Charles has grown and changed enough to publicly claim Kurt as immediate family. But would that be politically wise given how close they were to Sentinels and extermination camps?

You decide!

Secret Mutant Letter #1: "Magneto follows Scott into the dark places...."
Batman: tight pants!
The following is a longer explanation of a prompt posted to the Secret Mutant Exchange on A03:

Heyyyyy! I'm wondering if you're aware at all of the fact that Cyclops killed Professor X at the end of the "Avengers vs. X-Men" series and it's a major plot point for the "All New X-Men" series?

I mean, it's mainly because Cyclops used Phoenix to beat the Avengers and stop the extermination of the mutant race (fuckyesdeadpool explains the war best here).

Annnnyway. The weirdest bit? Magneto ends up hanging around Cyclops (who has inherited the Xavier school in Charles' will, so everyone still follows him, mostly) and kind of goes all Creepy Uncle on him, giving him advice, etc.

And I'm just like... wouldn't Magneto have been a bit cross about the whole... Charles'-protégé-killing-him-thing?

But instead he seems happy to take over where Prof X left off as Scott's new mentor/father figure?

It's kind of... like, is this his way of still having a connection to his deceased friend or is it something darker? Is this his way of "winning" against Charles after his death? Or is he hanging around out of a desire to help shape the next generation of mutantkind? Or... does he even know what he's doing anymore? (And yes, there's also a subplot where apparently the Phoenix force being shared between a bunch of people made Magneto and Cyclops and a bunch of other mutant's powers weakened/unreliable, but whatevs. I am far more interested in the whole "Charles is dead" thing.)

I'd just like to see another Cherik fan's take on the situation. ^_^ You don't have to read the comics (I've just Googled "Cyclops Kills Xavier" and been like, "huh" at the image results so far). But what would your take on this situation be from what you've just heard? How would you explain it from a slasher's perspective?

Fic: Lucy Drabbles|| Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Doctor Who: Lucy: Distance
I'm struggling a little with making changes to the plot of my Lucy/Tish fic since I got my notes back from my beta at, er... the start of February. (I should really get on that.)

I wrote three Lucy drabbles--a couple of UNIT ones and a crossover with Sarah Jane Adventures. They're a little all over the place because I'm experimenting with her characterization. Opinions welcome.

Edit: Thanks to torn_eledhwen for Britpick of the last drabble. I made a couple of changes due to her advice. ;)

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Title: A Narrow Escape
Pairings: Lucy/Harry Sullivan
Rating: G
I say, old girl.Collapse )

Title: Certainly Not A Romance
Pairings: Lucy/The Valeyard, Lucy/Master, Jo/Three
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I decided that Jo's scientist husband died and she went back to UNIT. Also, she kept her maiden name because Professor Clifford Jones is a hippie modern like that. Er. Could use work. :P
Oh! This is just--you let us go, right now!Collapse )

Title: The Old Wives' Club
Pairings: Lucy/Master, Three and Four/Sarah Jane, hints of Lucy/Sarah Jane
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sarah Jane meets an unexpected person while doing coverage of the Bubble Shock trial.
Disclaimer: CIA appearance in a courtroom inspired by the Guild doing the same thing during Trial of the Monarch in Season 2 of The Venture Bros.

To herself at least, Sarah Jane Smith would readily admit she was a paranormal investigator first and a reporter second.Collapse )

Fic: Boy Officers and Girl Officers || Fandom: Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf: Rimmer (S6-hard light)
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Pairings: Lister x Kochanski, mild Lister x Rimmer (if you squint)
Rating: PG
Title: Boy Officers and Girl Officers
Summary: Drabble. Rimmer and Lister have an argument about Kochanski. Edit: At first I thought this could be set any time during Season Seven before he leaves to be Ace, but now that I look at the episode list, Ouroboros takes place right after Stoke me a Clipper which means that this is essentially all taking place in poor Lister's mind. Probably during Blue.

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Yeh know what your problem is, eh, Rimmer?Collapse )

Fic: Confessions of a Justified Demon || Fandom: Good Omens
Good Omens: A/C: Ornate
Fandoms: Good Omens, James Hogg's Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.
Pairings: Crowley x Aziraphale, Crowley x Robert Wringhim Colwan
Rating: PG
Title: Confessions of a Justified Demon
Summary: Aziraphale chastises Crowley for performing a rather sloppy possession.
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The scene that James Hogg didn't write. But it totally happened.Collapse )

Fic: Baby's Comin' Back To Me || Fandom: Doctor Who
Batman: tight pants!
Edit for posterity: Oh, crap, I think I managed to crib an entire exchange from The Venture Brothers in here. Damn, I just seem to have that show on the brain. Let's pretend it was a clever reference instead of straight-out plagiarism. I mean, it's fanfiction, so it's plagiarism anyway. *sigh*

Baby's Comin' Back To Me
(Part 2 in the Unnecessary Tyler Series)

Rating: PG
Genre: Satire
Characters: Romana, Rose, Leela, obligatory TenRose spawn
Pairings: Valeyard x Rose, Romana x Rose

Unnecessary's mother always said she'd run off with the Valeyard if he promised to blow up 18th century France. The problem being that until now, they'd always figured she'd been joking.Collapse )

Fic: Girl Anachronism (Tish/Lucy) || Fandom: Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Lucy: Fallen
Title: Girl Anachronism
Summary: No more Lazarus. No more Harry. They're through with men; they shan't be tricked again.
Characters: Tish x Lucy
Genre: Angst, Femmeslash
A/N: This feels a bit disjointed and what I'd love is a beta, but I'm not sure how to go about getting one for such a weird pairing. Inspired by Meilin's Valiant, in which Tish and Lucy have an uneasy almost-friendship. Which of course I turned into something else, because I'm... strange, like that. (But if you want some good LoTL fic you should all read Valiant. Just because. And there are rarely used yet entirely plausible pairings too, like Gwen/Leo and Martha/Tom and Francine/Clive.)

It started with the phone calls....Collapse )

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Fic: The Woe of Unnecessary Name Tyler || Fandom: Doctor Who
Torchwood: "oh noez!"
Title: The Woe of Unnecessary Name Tyler
Fandom: The New Doctor Who Series (Season 3+)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Parody/Satire
Summary: Just a bit of fun. Please don't kill me.
Pairings: 10/Rose, Martha/...

Found here.

Fic: Whoops! || Fandom: Inuyasha
Inuyasha: Sess's robe
More Inuyasha fic this time. I adore the Sesshoumaru x Rin pairing.

Fandom: Inuyasha
Pairings: Sess x Rin
Rating: R
Title: Whoops!
Summary: I tried to make this "first time" story a bit different than those that I find the majority of people write, where she's unused to the idea of sex and he's the one who does the comforting. I thought that given how tense and stiff Sesshoumaru is (no pun intended) and how carefree and playful Rin is, that she'd probably be the one who didn't think it was such a big deal. Or something like that.

When he came to her that night, there was no talking.Collapse )

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Edit: Now grammarchecked and spellchecked! I... should have done that beforehand, I guess. (Funny thought: for "Sesshoumaru" the engine gave me a number of hilarious alternative spelling suggestions-- "Cashmere" remains my favourite.)

Fic: Modern Girl vs. Paradigm || Fandom: Inuyasha
Inuyasha: Tessaiga
Fandom: Inuyasha
Pairings: Sess x Rin, Kag x Inu
Rating: PG-13
Title: Modern Girl vs. Paradigm
Summary: Kagome discovers that her 20th century ways of thinking are woefully anachronistic in feudal-era Japan. Un-beta'd, second draft.

Some truths are better felt than said.Collapse )

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